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Manuel Estevez Garcia Sr.
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Abuelito
Occupation: Retired
Species: Human
Age: 90+
Relatives: Manny (grandson) Lola (granddaughter), Mrs Portillo (wife), Ruben (grandson)
Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui

Manuel Estevez Garcia Sr. is Lola, Ruben and Manny's grandfather who's retired and likes to spend time with Manny and the Tools. He enjoys fishing, and knows a lot about Aztec history. He is the father of Manny's father (Manuel Estevez Garcia Jr.) and either one of Manny's uncles or aunts He is also great-grandfather to Pepe and Chico.


Abuelito wears a red cardigan, green trousers, a dark greenish hat and a purple shirt.


We can predict that one of his daughters is Lola, Manny and Ruben's mother while one of his son-in-law is their father.


Abuelito has appeared in season 1 ,

Season 1 - Abuelito has appeared in[]

  • Pinata Party - Abuelito offered Manny a Pinata for his birthday party.
  • Pat the Screwdriver - Abuelito fuguredout a way to heal Pat after bumping his head.
  • A Very Handy Holiday - Abuelito helps Kelly bring her party stuff to Manny's Repair Shop.
  • Cinco de Mayo - Abuelito goes to Manny's repair shop to get his guitar fixed for cinco de mayo, but Manny isn't that good at playing the trumpet.
  • A Very Handy Vacation - Abuelito Thinks that Manny works to hard and his Tools shouldn't come with him.
  • Abuelito's Garden - Abuelito is too lazy to fix his garden so Manny helps him.

Season 2 - Abuelito has appered in[]

  • Abuelito's Tomatoes - Abuelito's Tomatoes are getting eatin by his dog Chulo , so he makes a fench to stop,
  • All Tools on Deck - Abuelito goes fishing with Manny but the tools stay behind.
  • Handy Hut - Abuelito declines Manny to fix his Cuckoo Clock.
  • Abuelito's Yard Sale - The Tools acidentally sell Abuelito's favourite chair.
  • Bingo Night - Abuelito goes with Manny to the Bingo Night.
  • Abuelito's Telescope - Abuelito needs his telescope fixed in order for him to watch his meteor shower
  • A Night With Abuelito - It's too dark and dangerous for Manny and the Tools to go home so they stay with Abuelito
  • Abuelito's Siesta - Abuelito's Cuckoo Clock is too noisy so Manny come and fix it.
  • Abuelito in a Fix - Abuelito gets a gift from Manny and accidentally breaks it, so he tries to fix it himself.
  • Motor Cycle Adventure - Abuelito comes to the Party with Lola and Chico.

Season 3 - Abuelito has appered in[]

  • Abuelito's Mower - Abuelito's Mower is broken so he gets a new one.
  • Pet Picnic - Abuelito's dog Chulo has a talent of walking to him.
  • The Wedding - Abuelito marries Mrs. "Pilar Vargas" Portillo.