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Alex keep
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Alex
Species: Human
Age: 6
Relatives: Mrs Portillo (grandmother), Quinn (brother)
Friends: Marcello (best friend), Manny

Alejandro is a 6 year old boy from handy manny


One of Mrs Portillo's Grandson's, Alejandro has an older brother called Quinn, Alejandro is 6 and Quinn is 10, Alejandro is at least the most adorable boy you've ever seen, he is one of Manny 's Favourite kids.Alejandro is very demanding so he can pick up fights with his big brother, but he's really nice around parents.


Alejandro wears a blue Overalls and has dark blue hair, he wears an orange shirt under his blue overalls.


Alejandro has appeared in Season 1, 2, 3

Season 1[]

  • Rusty to the Rescue - Alejandro is stuck at the top of the Jungle gym.
  • A Very Handy Holiday - Alejandro is one of the children singing.
  • Join the Club - Alejandro is upset that Quinn won't let him join his club.
  • Felipe Strikes Out - Alejandro is on eof the people walking into the Bowling Alley.

Season 2[]

  • Skateboard Park - Alejandro is seen walking with Mrs Portillo
  • Scout Manny - Alejandro is one of the scouts going with Manny, camping.
  • Book Drop - Alejandro is seen reading a book at the Library.
  • Bake Sale - Alejandro is seen at the school baking.
  • Manny's Time Capsule - Alejandro is seen watching Manny Open the Time Capsule.
  • Movie Night - Alejandro is seen at the cinema, watching the movie.

Season 3[]

  • Chico Goes to Preschool - Alejandro is seen at the school, and plays with Chico.
  • Leela's Birthday Party - Alejandro is seen playing on the Bouncy Castle with Leela.
  • Mini Golf Game - Alejandro Plays golf with Mrs Portillo
  • New episodes..............