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Alice is the protagonist of the upcoming Disney Junior animated series Alice's Wonderland Bakery. She is the descendant of her great-grandmother Alice, who also shares the same name as her, and is a young baker working at the Wonderland Bakery somewhere in Wonderland.


Like the original, Alice is a young, pretty girl living in what is assumed to be the Victorian era. She has big blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde, thick, medium-length hair held back by a blue checkered ribbon with a bow and a spiral button attached to it. Her dress was designed to be a blue cooking outfit by a chef coat with a small white apron that has a small pocket with a cupcake logo on it. Her sleeves and stockings are purple and pink-striped based on the Cheshire Cat, and wears white and blue-checkered sneakers with pink outlining, blue laces, and two spiral buttons attached to each side of the shoes.



  • She is seven years old.