Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Little Einsteins
Also known as: Annie Girl
Species: Human
Age: 4
Friends: Leo, Quincy, June, Rocket Big Jet
Relatives: Leo (older brother)
Catchphrase(s): "Look, look, look!"
Voiced by: Natalia Wojcik

Annie is Leo's cute and very pretty 4 year old sister and one of the main characters from Little Einsteins and its first movie.

She is the hero of episode Annie's Solo Mission.


She is a good singer, pilot and the youngest of the group. her favorite hobby was singing she was the owner of the silver and orange mic. she has the music power permanently. she is trusted especially to his brother, Leo.


Annie is the youngest and the smallest of the group, she has blonde hair with pigtails bounded by pink bows, she has beautiful blue eyes. She wears a beautiful blue jean dress with a green shirt under it, on her feet she has pretty gymnastics shoes colored magenta and white. She Always Carries a Microphone

But in season 2 her outfit changed: her dress is pink instead of blue, her shirt is light blue instead of green and her shoes are blue instead of magenta and white.