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Art Attack was the art programme described by Neil Buchanan that "Gives your eyeballs a shock!

Until former by Let's All Be There, "Team Umizoomi" has been swapped from this show. divide into three shows into "The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends" and "Sugar Rush racers plush Adventure".


This was because of the mad style of art usually done on the programme and to make art more fun for children and less boring. The art shown on the show was easy for children to follow and most 'Art Attacks' could be done using things found around the home. Buchanan very rarely used shop bought art materials.


Disney's Art Attack - Puzzle Pizza (Series 1)

The show was well known for quite often having messy Art Attacks, such as 'Plop Art' (dropping egg shells full of paint onto paper) and 'Splat attack!' (smashing paint soaked cotton wool balls on pieces of paper with fly swatters). Most messy art attack's featured Buchanan doing a small version and then doing an over the top, giant version and creating a big mess.

Other memorable art attacks include 'Lolly Lettering' (Using lolly sticks for calligraphy), '3D Fantasy Castle' (paper mache model castle) and 'Garbage Gobblers' (paper mache monsters used for gobbling garbage)

There were also short bumpers that split up art attacks, which were different in each episode. Examples included "Flick Pictures", "Magic Wax Pictures" and "Quick Art Attacks".


Disney Junior UK - Coming Up Art Attack (2011)