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Baby Butter Otter
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: PB&J Otter
Species: Otter
Age: 1
Relatives: Peanut (brother), Jelly (big sister), Ernest (father), Opal (mother), Anna (aunt), Redolfo (uncle)
Friends: Munchy, Flick, Pinch (best friend), Scootch, Mayor Jeff, Ootsie, Bootsie, Edouard, Georgina, Cap'n, Connie
Voiced by: Gina Marie Tortorici

Baby Butter Otter is one of three titular characters of the rerunning show, PB&J Otter. She is the adorable and very pretty younger daughter of Opal Otter and younger sister to Jelly and Peanut Otter. In the episode "A Very Surprising Party", she starts potty training.


Butter doesn't speak very much but says a few words. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is somewhat rambunctious and messy and has a habit of playing in the mud.


Butter is a light brown-furred otter. She always wears a diaper.