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Beardini's Apprentice




Cubby wishes to learn how to do magic as good as Beardini the Pirate Magician. But he happens to have some trouble. But Beardini reassures his new student that he needs confidants. But during the lesson Captain Hook and Mr. Smee attempt to sneak into the Pirate Magician's Lair to steal some of Beardini's magic to help them find treasure. Beardini soon uncover the villainous duo inside his home. Beardini ask Cubby to transport them out of his lair.Cubby attempts to do as Beardini asked, but in the process he accidentally sends Beardini away with Hook and Smee to a magical castle, Castle Castaway. Cubby along with Jake, Izzy, Nibs, John, Nana, Michael and Skully journey to the magical castle to rescue Beardini, Hook, and Smee. Cubby alongside the rest of his crew-mates find Beardini.He informs them Cubby is the only one that cab send everyone back to Never Land with a banishing spell.However Captain Hook grow tired of waiting and tries to set himself free by force but this causes Castle Castaway to get angry and work harder to keep everyone from escaping. After mustering up his courage Cubby learns to use the Beardini's Magic Wand to set everyone free and return to safety to the Pirate Magician's Lair.