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Beardini the Pirate Magician
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Occupation: Pirate Magician
Species: Human
Friends: Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Enemies: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
First Appearance: "The Remarkable Beardini!"
Last Appearance: "Tales of Captain Buzzard"
Voiced by: Steve Valentine

Beardini the Pirate Magician is a recurring character in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He was currently became a legendary pirate magician who lives in Never Land. He is voiced by Steve Valentine.



Beardini is a stickler to the rule that a magician will never reveal his secrets and prevents those from learning his tricks.Beardini takes great pride in and often brags about his abilities. He hates to look like a fool and hates having others entering his lair. Later in the course of the series, he enjoys performing his magic for Jake and his crew. In the episode "Magical Mayhem!" it was revealed that Cubby has taken an interest in learning magic from Beardini and despite the young pirate's meek nature, Beardini is very patient seeing the promise in his young pupil, often reminding him he needs more confidants.

Powers and Abilities[]

Beardini is a powerful magician, whose magic comes from his hat and his wand, but the magic he can produce—mainly due to the nature of his paraphernalia and his state of mind—is limited to stage magic, conjuring, and comedic effects. These include (but are not limited to) conjuring masses of flowers and cards to distract opponents, polymorphing people and objects at will, enlarging his glove to catch is opponent, conjuring door traps, animating lifeless objects, and making objects disappear into his hat. His magic is highly versatile and often catches others off guard. Beardini channels his magic solely through his magic wand, and hence he's practically powerless without it.



Beardini is quite known for his skill as a magician. However, Beardini seems to have disappeared from Never Land for many centuries as revealed by Captain Hook in the episode "Invisible Jake". However, it wouldn't be until the episode "The Remarkable Beardini! " reveals that Beardini didn't leave but was merely confined in a trick treasure chest with swords going through it as part of a new trick he was trying to perfect. But in the end, Beardini couldn't get out due to not reading the instructions to his latest magic trick.


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