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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: The Lion Guard
Species: Honey Badger
Friends: Bunga (presumed love interest), Baliyo, Kion, Rani, Janna
Enemies: Mama Binturong
Catchphrase(s): "Bingcredible!."
First Appearance: "Little Old Ginterbong"
Last Appearance: "Return to the Pride Lands"
Voiced by: Fiona Riley

Binga is a female honey badger who lives at the Tree of Life.


Binga is friendly, funny, loud, playful and quite undefeated. She always seems to win the contests between her and Bunga. Much like Bunga, she isn't afraid of a challenge, and shows remarkable bravery no matter what the circumstances.


Binga has purple fur and darker fur on her chest, a lavender tuft, white fur on her back and tail. Like Bunga, she has dark blue eyes, her nose is reddish-pink, and long tufts of white fur on her arms.