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Character Information
Gender: Male
Occupation: Naughty
Species: young boy
Age: 9 10
Friends: Ink, Frred, L.O., Roc and Raoul
Voiced by: Jake T. Austin and Jonah Lees (speaking; US), Joe Hawley (singing; US), Preston Nyman (speaking and singing; UK)

Bluz, the band's Trouble Maker , is blue and has four legs. His naughty is magenta and has twelve black keys. Bluz contradicts L.O's opinions that monster should be Naughty and not write poetry and paint. It is suggested that he really like scary stuff, as he says the word "Trouble Marker" alot. Bluz is the youngest member of the band.

In Season 2, Bluz knows little about other languages other than English, which he would get confused when someone says a word in a language he doesn't understand. However, Bluz shows kindness and empathy for others.

In Silver Dollar City" Frisco Train, it is known that Bluz created Pull Orange Cable .

Nap time