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Bunga-Season 3
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: The Lion Guard
Occupation: Member of the Lion Guard
Species: Honey Badger
Age: 14-16 years old (in human years)
Relatives: Timon and Pumbaa (adopted uncles),

Max, Ernie and Boaris (adopted great-uncles), Ma (adoptive grandmother), Simba and Pumbaa Jr. (adoptive brothers), Nala (adoptive sister-in-law), Kion (adoptive nephew), Kiara (adoptive niece)

Friends: Kion, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Anga, Kiara, Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Pridelanders, Pua, Basi, Jasiri, Timon, Pumbaa, Ajabu, Twiga, Juhudi, Mbuni, Mbeya, Ma Tembo, Muhimu, Hamu, Majinuni and Hafifu, Hadithi, Makuu, Badili, Kulinda, Ona, Tamaa, Mjomba, Haya, Ogopa, Baby Baboon, Madoa, Tunu and Wema, Jasiri's Clan, Dhahabu, Hodari, Kinyonga, Rani, Binga (presumed love interest), Kovu, Vitani
Enemies: Janja, Mzingo, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, Tano, Janja's Clan, Makuu (formerly), Ushari, Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Kijana, Makucha, Zira, Vitani (formerly), Nuka, Kovu (formerly), the Outsiders, Kiburi, Mpishi, Mapigano, Mwoga, Kenge, Scar
Catchphrase(s): "Zuka Zama!"


First Appearance: "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar"
Last Appearance: "Return to the Pride Lands"
Voiced by: Joshua Rush

Bunga is the main deuteragonist (later tritagonist) of the show, The Lion Guard. He is the bravest member of the lion guard. His name means "Foolish Person" in Swahili language.


Bunga is very brave and is not afraid to jump into action. Along with his bravery comes his recklessness as he usually acts before thinking and easily gets himself into trouble. He can be arrogant and mischievous but he is generally a good-natured and friendly honey badger who loves having fun with his friends.

He is very silly and comedic who usually lightens up the mood with a joke, which his friends may or may not find funny. He is a boundless ball of energy who never gets tired of enjoying life and having a good time.

Bunga has been shown to be a valuable member to the guard being both loyal and bold who is always ready to protect the Pridelands and defend the Circle of Life.


Bunga is shown to be a rather short but stocky character, with a well-rounded physique and small paws. His fur is dark silvery-blue.

He sports many colors, from the striking pinks of his ears to the thick navy shades of his bushy eyebrows. His nose appears to be a very dark shade of brown, while his eyes are coal-black. Perhaps his most striking feature, Bunga's teeth are large and distinctly gap-filled.