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Bungo is a yellow rabbit with a UK accent.


Bungo looks like Percy the Small Engine and loves to make signs and put them all over the jungle. He is very good at geography and knows the jungle better than anyone. He is also the only wheeler that is good at jumping - he can leap many times his own height into the air. There is some debate about exactly what sort of animal Bungo is. The theme song and in show speech indicate that he is a rabbit - however he has a long stripy tail. Watch it closely though and it doesn't move right for a tail - it never bends or flexes, it just pivots at its base, so it might be an artificial tail. He lives underground in Jungle Junction. The last one of his kind, a very rare creature whose job is to keep the jungle tidy and running smoothly by the copious production of signs! Go left, go right, stop, go, no entry etc...he's at it all the time. He does everything by the book and is a bit of a boffin who is rather prone to complain that his work is not appreciated and claims that without him the jungle and its roads would over-grow and movement about the place would be impossible. He's probably right but nobody tells him that because it would go straight to his head.


Bungo is yellow and is British. He can make signs and is very demanding.