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Calico Jack
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Octonauts
Occupation: Pirate
Species: Cat
Age: 70+
Relatives: Kwazii (grandson)
Friends: Pete the parrot

Calico Jack is a pirate and Kwazii's grandfather in Octonauts. He is mentioned many times before making his first on-screen appearance in the special "The Octonauts and the Amazon Adventure".


When Kwazii Cat was just a little kitten, Calico Jack left to the Amazon River to look for the Hidden City.


He has a daredevil personality similar to Kwazii's.


He wears a black pirate hat and an eyepatch. He also has a peg leg. He has orange fur and a peach muzzle. His muzzle is scruffy-looking. And he has a parrot on his shoulder named Pete.

A Song About Calico Jack[]

He hunted for treasure, he scratched for fleas,
the bravest cat on the seven seas.
Once he got going, he never turned back, and that's the truth about Calico Jack.
He always had courage, he couldn't be beat,
when he set sail with his parrot, Pete.