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Captain Hook's Last Stand!
Season 4, Episode 19
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 4 Title Card - Captain Hook's Last Stand!
Air date November 6, 2016
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"Captain Hook's Last Stand" is the fourth season and the first segment of the nineteenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, this is the last episode and series finale of Season 4. It is the One-Hundred and fourteenth, episode in the series overall.



Captain Jake with Nibs, Cubby and Skully were seen Izzy, Wendy, John and Michael Darling after returning from London, Also they seen Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Peter Pan was going to introducing about some wild things. After Peter introducing the Swashbuckling Plant, He was going to introducing The Doom Stone. The Doom Stone was given from a good friend and hiding a safe place, because is a very powerful magic, So that it can turn anything into a stone.

At Hangman's Tree, Cubby was going to ask Peter if it’s a safe place, Captain Hook was heard the sound and he was going to enters the Hangman's house and then he will stoles a Doom Stone from Peter's Hand, So Captain Jake's and Darling's crew were felt surprised. When Captain Hook was decides to using a Doom Stone and turn Peter Pan turns into a stone, He was going to tells to Hook first, Then Peter was going to stands above the Hangman's Tree. Meanwhile, Captain Hook has turned into evil after Peter Pan has turned into the stone. Captain Jake's and Darling's crew were felt shock and horror. Then, Hook has been using the Doom Stone too much. The pirates end up near Tiki Forest, where the trees hide Peter's statue. Tink gets an idea and pulls out an acorn from Wendy's neck-lace. Wendy reveals that the acorn was a gift from Peter that had once saved her life by protecting her. This is what encourages the Never Land pirates to plant the acorn to use its magic to save Peter Pan. They all split up into groups: Jake with Wendy to find a Sunstone, Izzy with John to find enchanted water, and Cubby, Michael, Skully and Tink to find rich soil. They need some magic items to rescue Peter. On a large ledge, Hook spies on the pirates, watching them flee, but not seeing where Pan is hidden. Hook orders his crew to catch up with the sea-pups so he can force them to lead him to Pan, or otherwise be killed.

With Izzy and John, they manage to come across the Everspring Fountain in Big Bug Valley, where they find water from said fountain, before being chased by bull-beetles. Hook flies over them on his Whirly-Hook and offers to help them in exchange for Peter's location, but John refuses. In retaliation, Hook uses the Doom Stone to create a rock-slide that blocks their way (at the cost of his hat turning into stone). Izzy and John are nearly trampled, but John's buccaneering skills save them from certain doom. They then return to Tiki Tree Forest, with Hook not knowing they had survived. Hearing Jake and Wendy's voices, Hook flies over to their location, flagged down by Mr. Smee. Hook then ambushes Wendy and Captain Jake and tries forcing them into revealing the location of the petrified Pan statue. Much like before, the pirates refuse, and Hook uses his might and strength to force a cave-in upon his enemies, trapping them in there. Believing that he has finally killed Captain Jake once and for all, Hook bastes in his evilness fueled by his heart of stone. Unbeknownst to him, (but not Smee), Jake and Wendy survive the attack, find the Sunstones (which were opened up by the cave-in) and find a way out of the cave.

With Skully, Tink, Michael, and Cubby, they manage to enter Green Grove Gulch, home of Never Land's most fertile soil. Hook, Sharky and Bones follow them, still not knowing the whereabouts of Pan. Hook gains an idea and tells the musical pirate duo to wake up a bear and lure them to Cubby and co. Despite Hook's threats, Peter's pirate team refuses to tell him, in which Hook leaves them to be killed by the bear. Before they meet their end, Michael tames the bear and convinces him not to attack them. Michael, Cubby, Skully, and Tink head off to Tiki-Tree Forest, where they reveal their next location unintentionally to Sharky and Bones. When they arrived back at Tiki Forest, Hook was lost thinking and then to turns into the stone statue. Captain Hook's crew were felt sad. Next, Wendy Darling tells Hook's crew to save Captain Hook.

Having saved the day yet again, the pirates rejoice over Peter Pan being with them once again, claiming him to be their greatest treasure ever. With Peter back, he continues to guard over Never Land, protecting it from its greatest villains, all with the help of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. At last, Both Captain Jake and Peter Pan were going to sings the "Captain Jake and Peter Pan" song. Before returning back to Bucky, they were going to fight against with Captain Hook from The Jolly Roger, Doctor Undergear and ShiverJack.

Farewell Poem[]

"That was Brilliant! Thank you Mates, See you next time!" - John Darling


  • In the last episode, There is no gold doubloons.
  • Hook was turned into the stone after he using a doom stone, Because he was not following Peter Pan's notice.
  • Both Captain Jake and Peter Pan were going back to Bucky after they fight against with enemies.



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