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Captain Quixote
Season 4, Episode 10A
Air date March 14, 2016
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Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew

"Captain Quixote" is the fourth season and the first segment of the tenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the One-Hundred and Seventh episode in the series overall.



Captain Jake and his crew were going to meet Spanish Pirate at Santa María Ship. When Hook and his crew were sailing at the Never Seas, Sharky and Bones were using their spyglass to spot something. Meanwhile, A White Squid called "El Blanco" has appeared from the sea, He will lift "The Jolly Roger" up and then to capture Captain Hook and his crew. As Captain Quixote has saw the White Squid after he using a spyglass, Captain Jake and his crew were grabbed a rope and then to begun capture "El Blanco" for a new quest.


  • Jake and his crew were got eleven gold doubloons.
  • El Blanco the White Squid, Captain Quixote and Pepino the Parrot were marks the first appearance in this episode and the only appearance.