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Carla Delgado is Victor Delgado's daughter and the tertiary antagonist in the second season of the Disney Junior animated series Elena of Avalor. Driven by ambitiousness and having been raised by villainous parents for all of her life, she served as a major antagonist in the series until her arrest in "The Magic Within" and subsequent reformation in "The Lightning Warrior".



Like her father, she is extremely ruthless as shown when she does anything to help her father get what he wants and doesn't care who she hurts to ensure this. Being a teenager, she also frequently shows the awkwardness that can accompany being at that age, plus other signs of immaturity such as a bad temper, and is also very spoiled. Despite her flaws and maliciousness, Carla does care about her family, as she is loyal to her father, joins her mother in a loving embrace when they are reunited, and expresses delight over her parents being together again (though she is unaware that her parents are actually at odds with each other and are hiding their mutual discontent from Carla).

After Victor is turned into stone by Ash, Carla cries over his petrified body and refuses to go with her mother, effectively disowning her. As she is being arrested again, Carla sadly tells Elena that she thought her mother cared about her and her father, but she was wrong; this not only proves Carla's capacity for maturity, but helps her and Elena relate to each other (Elena having been wrong about Esteban) despite them being enemies. She even begs Elena to restore her father, promising she'll do anything Elena asks.

Carla is afraid of thunderstorms, as she fearfully clutches Victor in her arms when Hetz conjures one. Additionally after joining Team Avalor, she finally respects Mateo enough to get his name right.

Powers and Abilities[]