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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Gaspard and Lisa
Occupation: Middle School Student (Will go to High School when he is 14)
Species: Dog (Breed: Bull Terrier)
Age: 13
Relatives: Mom
Gaspard (younger brother)
Mamie Mathilde (paternal grandmother)
Friends: Lisa
Voiced by: Jo Wyatt United Kingdom
Robert Naylor United States of America


Charles is Gaspard's older brother in Gaspard and Lisa.


Charles is somewhat of a loner and is sometimes annoyed. He often gets angry at Gaspard and Lisa for accidentally ruining his fun. Because of his age, he frequently criticizes what Gaspard and Lisa do and how weird they act. His compassionate side is seen in "Our Judo Lessons" when he persuaded Gaspard to return to judo class after Gaspard briefly quit after being upset about Lisa being better than him.


He wears light green, and yellow headphones around his neck. Charles is a black bull terrier dog with a red nose. Charles has 2 tiny yellow eyes. If you look too far away, he looks like he has no eyes.