Baby chico by gamekirby-d2f73ks
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Handy Manny
Species: Human
Age: 1 - 4
Relatives: Pepe (brother), Lola (mother), Manuel "Manny" Garcia (uncle), Abuelito (great-grandfather)
Occupation: Schoolboy/Toddler
Voiced by: Mandy Burbano

Chico is a sweet and adorable 1 year old baby, Manny seems to look after him a lot. But in season 2, Chico is somewhere between 2 or 4 years old, and his outfit changes.


Chico wears a red hat and wears a blue onesie with a ducky on it, Chico has light brown hair and is extremely adorable. In season 2, Chico's outfit changes to a pair of blue overalls, a yellow shirt but wears the same hat and shoes.


Chico is a 1 year old boy. Despite his cuteness, he can giggle, laugh, and cry, Chico can walk and talk a little, but can cry, his cries are not that loud, but Manny can hear them. He likes Turner the best, by putting him in the mouth or the hand.




  • He's Manny's favorite nephew.