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Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Species: Monkey
Age: 8
Relatives: Zephir (father), General Huc (grandfather), Isabele (mother)
Friends: Badou (best friend), Babar, Celeste, Pom, Zawadi, Munroe, Jake, Dandy Andi, Heropotamus
Voiced by: Samantha Weinstein

Chiku is Badou's best friend, and is the daughter of Babar's good friend, Zephir.


Like her father before her, Chiku can be very silly and funny. She is also energetic and playful. She's a fast-talking chatterbox who can ask a dozen questions at once, she is convinced that there is something wonderful under every rock, at the end of every wire, and at the heart of every lesson. She is quite inventive, often building toys or tools for the others to use. She is an accomplished dancer due to her natural acrobatic skills and sense of balance


Chiku wears pink trousers, and a pink shirt, she is a monkey with a hairband and she has hair.


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