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Cobby Hugglemonster
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Species: Hugglemonster
Age: 7-8
Relatives: Henry (younger brother), Summer (younger sister), Ivor (baby brother), Daddo (father), Momma (mother), Grando (grandfather), Nan-Oh (grandmother)
Friends: Denzel Dugglemonster, Beckett (dog), Gertie Growlerstein, Estelle Enormomonster, Oscar, Eduardo Enormomonster, Captain Hollander, Signor Roartonio, Harold Dugglemonster, Irving, Officer Higgins
Voiced by: Chiara Zanni

Cobby Hugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's older brother.

He is known for his love of inventing things. 


Cobby's hobby is making gadgets he can be a bit shy but he is also very caring to Henry. He is a supportive brother to all his siblings, always there whenever they need him.

Cobby invents things that will help sort out people's problems and help with the family's chores around the house. He's particularly proud of the 'Hugglebike' which is 'super speedy', and allows all the family to travel together by working as a team.

When Henry and Cobby help with each others problems or apologize for doing the wrong thing, they make up by giving each other a "Bro-hug".

Although, he's very easy going most of the time, Cobby is sensitive about his inventions.


He is light blue and has dark blue wings.


  • Cobby, is a member of the Monster Scouts, the Science Club and is also the youngest member of the 'knitting club'!
  • In the Roar Off, Cobby won a trophy for the loudest roar because Henry had a sore throat.
  • Irving gave Cobby his first job at the bike shop making Cobby Comfort Cruisers for everyone.
  • Cobby is a keen surfer.
  • Cobby is the oldest of the four Hugglemonster children.
  • Cobby is 8 years old
  • Cobby's middle name is Cobble.