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Count Mickula

Count Mickula is Mickey Mouse's newly-found vampire friend from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special "Mickey's Monster Musical". He asked Mickey and Minnie to help him find out what was haunting his castle.


Count Mickula is a vampire mouse that closely resembles Mickey. His complexion is somewhat mottled, as is his fur (this may be the fact that he drinks grape juice, although vampires' skin is mottled from blood-drinking). He also has light yellowish eyes, fangs, and a tuxedo suit with a long cape that he uses to wrap around himself and for flying. He speaks much like Mickey himself but with the addition of a Transylvanian accent.


Count Mickula's personality reflects off of Mickey's, although he is a monster (even though he is nice). He does tend to act in a monster-like fashion. For example, when he showed the gang the door to Dr. Von Drakenstein's laboratory, he let out what sounded like an evil laugh. He also bared his fangs before he asked Mickey and Minnie if they were having fun at his castle, suggesting he was going to drain them of their blood. Monster aside, he, too, seems to have a sweet spot for Minnie—possibly wanting to make her into his bride, and later, his queen. He led her away from Mickey and leaned in real close to her before Mickey tapped him on the shoulder, inwardly envious of the vampire mouse's affections for her. He also would grab her hand, and seemed to be real touchy with her. Mickey would sometimes cut in and change the subject back to their current problem every now and then. When he could not, he would look on and seem a bit fidgety.

Powers and Abilities[]

He can fly with his cape. In the end, it is discovered that he knows how to turn into a bat.