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Cubby is one of the two deuteragonists of the Disney Junior animated series, in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is the youngest member of Jake's crew. He was originally voiced by Jonathan Morgan Heit, and later by Jadon Sand. He is animated by John Lounsbery, Ward Kimball, Tommy Luske and Eric Larson.


Cubby is rather timid and is not very confident in himself. He is great with maps. He looks up to the other two as older siblings who are always there for him. He has a tendency to get upset easily but that never gets in the way of him helping to come up with a solution. He says “aw, coconuts!” whenever he gets upset.

In the episode "The Emerald Coconut", it was revealed that Captain Hook does not believe Cubby to be a threat to his plans. Despite this, Cubby proved himself worthy by taking on Captain Hook with only Skully as help putting aside his great fear of him. He is also one of the crew members aboard Jake's pirate ship, Bucky.





Cubby - Jake's Jungle Groove 45

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