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Daddo Hugglemonster
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Also known as: Mr. Hugglemonster
Occupation: Mailman, Scoutmaster
Species: Hugglemonster
Age: 30+
Relatives: Momma (wife), Henry, Cobby, Ivor (sons), Summer (daughter), Grando (father), Nan-Oh (mother)
Friends: Beckett (monsterdog), Harold Dugglemonster, Maude Dugglemonster, Signor Roartonio, Eduardo Enormomonster, Ernestine Enormomonster,
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Daddo Hugglemonster is one of the main characters who is married to Momma Hugglemonster.

He is head of the Hugglemonster household, and has a daughter Summer, and three sons Henry, Cobby and Ivor. he


Daddo is really silly but yet fatherly.

Daddo loves to spend time with his wife and four children when he's not at work.

Daddo always thinks he's lost Ivor but most of the time he's never far away. He's normally found in his baby carrier, straped to Daddo's back...same as always!

Daddo is a born entertainer who loves to make others laugh. Juggling is his specialty!


Daddo is green, with blue stripey horns and a big stripey tummy.

He has a blue spikey beard, yellow wings and a yellow nose.


  • Daddo is the Postmaster General of Roarsville. He runs the post office in the town square and delivers the mail on a unicycle.
  • Daddo is also the Scoutmaster of Henry and Cobby's Monster Scout Troop.
  • Daddo can juggle numerous objects, such as food, watering cans, paint brushes, tires, steering wheels, and even his own family.
  • Daddo snores loudly.


He was borned after his mother married his stepfather and when his wife was 1 year old.

Dexter is his distant nephew.

His name is Dustin (according some japanese sources) and his middle name is Dust.