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By accessing this site you agree to comply with the Wikia Terms of Use and the Community Guide, as well as meet the minimum age accepted within Wikia (thirteen years old). If not, withdraw to avoid a penalty.
We are not responsible for the use that may be given to the personal information that you may share by own decision recognizing compliance with the established age or has been consulted being over 18 years.

Article Rules

  • Items must not have less than five lines.
  • Do not add garbage in items.
  • Do not make items with vandalism.
  • Self-promotion of articles is prohibited, see Disney Junior Wiki:Self-promotion.
  • Do not create meaningless articles.
  • Do not bleach items.
  • Do not create unnecessary/repeated items.
  • Do not create unnecessary categories, as well as without an administrator's permission.
  • Prohibited use of idioms or vulgar language in articles.
  • Do not make junk issues (such as putting points, replacing words with others that mean the same thing, etc.).
  • Do not edit an article while carrying the "Under Construction" template.

Failure to comply with any of these points will cause a warning to the user. If it continues, there will be a three-day block to infinity.

Chat Rules

  • Prohibited insult or annoy users.
    • If they are not present, insulting them counts as 2/3.
    • If present, ask someone in the administration if the warning is valid. Yes it is, the MARB will give the warning.
    • If there is no MARB present, a capture must be taken and shown to a MARB when it arrives, a normal user cannot give these warnings in any case.
  • If someone starts a fight, or follows it, and an administrator has asked him to stop and ignores it, he will automatically have 3/3 and be expelled from the chat.
    • If you continue to fight again, you will receive a ban.
  • Do not flood, repeating a character more than 4 times.
    • This can cause a kick until a two-hour ban.
    • If the user enters the first thing he says is "hellooooooo" will be automatic kick and will be asked to read the rules.
      • Just to make sure, we will ask the magic word, this is HOCUS-POCUS.
  • Do not abuse capital letters.
    • More than four consecutive messages with capital letters will cause a kick, but will count as 1/3.
    • Upon reaching 3/3 with shift, it will remain the same kick, 4/3 ban.
  • Do not spam or chains.
    • This can cause a kick until a two-hour ban.
    • The first user who made the chain does not receive adv, unless it was intended to create chains.
  • Having many lines in a message is allowed, as long as it is something meaningful.
    • Putting a word per message is not allowed.
  • Passing links without permission from an administrator/moderator is allowed.
    • Permission should be requested if it is a link to any other wiki. Fanon is the exception.
  • Do not pass inappropriate links. (pornography, `` screamers, extreme gore, etc).
    • Depending on the level of "maturity" presented in the link, the banning will last two weeks until it is infinite.
  • Do not bring controversies outside the chat.

Other Points

  • Prohibited insult or annoy any user in any way.
    • This can cause an infinite block..
  • Do not spam any type.
  • Do not make meaningless blog entries.
  • Do not leave junk messages on the wall of other users.
  • Do not create blogs that only contain flood.