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Dr. Ling
Dr. Ling
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Chuggington
Occupation: Scientist
Species: Human
Age: 40+
Friends: Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot and Toot, Piper, Emery, Old Puffer Pete, Calley, Hodge, Olwin, Irving, Speedy McAllister, Zephie, Harrison, Chatsworth, Frostini, Dunbar, Decka, Mtambo, Skylar, Action Chugger, Jackman, Zack, Hanzo, Morgan, Lori, Vee, Mayor Pullman, Eddie
Voiced by: Meg Kubota

Dr. Ling is a scientist who resides in Chuggington. She is always coming up with new ideas and inventions for the city economy.

Her inventions are ambitious, but she sometimes makes products with design faults, for example a defective chug booster and solidifying chug wash soap.

Dr. Ling wears the same green outfit, and her breasts shape are clearly visible in all appearances. She has a calm but very flirtatious personality, and she is quite attractive, much to the attention of the chuggers.