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While the Pirate Pharaoh tend to the construction of his city,Otaa wander into the Never Land Desert he comes across Dread the Evil Genie's bottle. After releasing the ex-genie from his bottle Otaa wanted to make various wishes to please his the Pirate Pharaoh. Dread regretfully informs Otaa, he is now powerless and the mummy cat loses interest and returns to the Pirate Pharaoh side. After overhearing that Otaa master the Pirate Pharaoh has a means of magic, that Dread can use to restore his power. Dread allies himself with Skorpio the scorpion and was able to steal the Pharaoh's crook and flail giving him the power he long for once more. Dread crowned himself ruler of the desert and soon set his eye on turning all of Never Land into his desert domain. However, this is short-lived as the Pirate Pharaoh returns with the help of Jake and his crew assist in stopping Dread plan leaving him powerless once more before banishing him and Skorpio from the desert by the Pirate Pharaoh.