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Dress-Up Daisy is a very beautiful doll (similar to a Barbie doll) who loves to dress-up in different clothes (hence her name) that once belong to a baby-sitter named Katherine that babysat for Doc and Donny but Doc learned that Katherine never had time to play with her doll as she gave Dress-up Daisy to Doc.

Dress-Up Daisy
Dress-up Daisy in her ballgown
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Doc McStuffins
Occupation: Barbie Doll
Species: Katherine's Owner (formerly)

Doc's Owner

Friends: Doc McStuffins, Stuffy, Lambie, Chilly, Hallie, Squeakers
First Appearance: Doc to the Rescue
Voiced by: Amy Sedaris Season 2

Grey DeLisle Season 3-present Lexi Glouberman in "Blazer's Bike"


  • Barbie Doll