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Ella Cowbelle
Ella Cowbelle
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Occupation: Owner of the town's milk saloon
Species: Cow
Age: 50+
Friends: Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Toby, Sparky, Priscilla, Tio, Uncle Bun, Farmer Stinky, Mr. Dillo, Clementine, Dirty Dan and Dusty
Enemies: Billy Goat the Kid

Milk Bandits
Voiced by: Mo Collins

Ella Cowbelle is the proud owner of the town’s Milk Saloon and is always coming up with new fun flavors of milkshakes for the folks of Nice and Friendly corners to taste. If you want to know what’s going on in town, just ask Ella, she’s sure to know.


She is white with brown spots wears a yellow dress (with none underneath) she has logo of a

white silhouette of a cow in a blue background she has blue eyes and yellow horns


Like the rest Nice and friendly corners people she also have a uvula at the top of her throat over the right of her tounge