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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "Rock on Dude"
Occupation: Life Guard
Species: Human
Age: 18
Relatives: Kelly (sister)
Friends: Manny Garcia, Mr. Lopart, Cameron, Sneeze
Voiced by: Lance Bass

He's Kelly's younger brother who enjoys skateboarding, drumming, and swimming. He has various of jobs such as a life guard and a clerk at the video store. He's shown as a teenager or young adult.


Elliot wears a orange T shirt and Blue trousers.


Elliot is Kelly 's younger brother, he likes to scateboard and teach things to younger children, he likes to look after things, but ends up breaking it, in one episode, Elliot Broke his ankle and couldn't go on the aeroplane because he broke it. Manny likes Elliot as much as Kelly because they are realted, Elliot taught Dario how to dance and skate, he likes to dance.