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Emily the Stirling Engine is emerald green.


Emily was introduced as being kind, caring, helpful, mature, compassionate and always sensitive to others' feelings. If she wrongs someone, knowingly or not, she is quick to apologise.

From the eighth to the sixteenth series, Emily had an occasional habit of being fussy, bossy, rebellious and rude to others, such as not saying "Thank you" to Trevor and annoying Elizabeth over a fallen water tower, causing havoc while pulling the express, being rude to Edward, and pestering Thomas over getting his snowplough fitted. She strove to be the best and sometimes caused mishaps, but always made up for them when she realised her errors.

From King of the Railway onwards, Emily has been portrayed more closely to her original personality, along with subtler shades of overconfidence. She often acts as a voice of reason, particularly when James gets too big for his wheels, or when a friend needs moral support. Recently, she has also been shown to be adaptable, able to think of a plan in a moment's notice. She is somewhat prone to jealousy or feelings of inadequacy, often longing for more excitement in her life when she hears of others' adventures, or for the same talents as them.


Emily the Stirling Engine has red and brown buffers, a long black funnel, a shiny brass dome, 14 wheels and the number 12.


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