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  • Season 1

01. Pinocchio's Invited / When Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Meets Patty

02. Pinocchio Goes to School / Pinocchio's ABC

03. Pinocchio and the Bedtime Stories / Pinocchio and the Wishing Star

04. Pinocchio Meets Mickey Mouse & Friends

05. Pinocchio With Patty and the Puppet Princess / Pinocchio and the Secret Life

06. Pinocchio First Day of Snow / Pinocchio's Winter Vacation

07. Pinocchio's Good Day / Pinocchio Weekend's Day

08. Pinocchio and the Music Band / Pinocchio and the Puppet Dances

09. Pinocchio's Rival / Pinocchio The Heroes VS Stromboli The Villains

10. Pinocchio in the Friendship Gift / Pinocchio and the Apple Trees

11. Pinocchio And The Happy Father's Day

12. Pinocchio at the Olympic Games / Pinocchio With Patty at the Ballet

13. Pinocchio's Pet / Pinocchio and the Magic Show

14. Pinocchio at the Market Place / Pinocchio in the Simple Things

15. Pinocchio's Labor Day

16. Pinocchio and the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde / Pinocchio's Afraid of the Dark

17. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket in I'm No Fool / Pinocchio's Nose Grow

18. Pinocchio's Color Rainbow Adventures / Pinocchio With Pete Hide & Seek

19. Pinocchio's Halloween

20. Pinocchio and the Wild West / Pinocchio at the Square Dance

21. Pinocchio in the Sky / Pinocchio and the Black Knight

22. Pinocchio and the Autumn & Fall / Pinocchio at the Festival

23. Pinocchio at the Pleasure Island / Pinocchio and the Giant Whale

24. Pinocchio's Got No Strings / Pinocchio and the Symphony Songs

25. Pinocchio's Thanksgiving

26. Pinocchio With Patty at the Fashion Show / Pinocchio and The Show On

27. Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid / Pinocchio at the Art Museum

28. Pinocchio at the Boston / Pinocchio at the Park

29. Pinocchio's Birthday Party / Pinocchio's Favorite Things

30. Pinocchio's Christmas