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  • Season 2

31. Pinocchio and the New Year's Eve

32. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket's Temptations / Pinocchio's Scrapbook

33. Pinocchio at the Exercise Class / Pinocchio at the Olympic Winter Games

34. Pinocchio at the High Mountain / Pinocchio in the Great Outdoors

35. Pinocchio With Patty Goes to African Safari / Pinocchio Superstar Baseball

36. Pinocchio's Valentine

37. Pinocchio and the Beanstalk / Pinocchio's Natural

38. Pinocchio's Big Adventure / Pinocchio and the Puppet Rhythm

39. Pinocchio at the Boys Puppet Club / Pinocchio at the Fishing Trip

40. Pinocchio's St. Patrick Day

41. Pinocchio and the Golden Coins / Pinocchio's Bird Nest

42. Pinocchio First Day of Spring / Pinocchio's Garden

43. Pinocchio and the Lonesome Ghosts / Pinocchio's Special Moves

44. Pinocchio's Easter Day

45. Pinocchio With Patty and the Puppet Girls / Pinocchio's Music Box

46. Pinocchio and the Kites / Pinocchio's Harmonica Music

47. Pinocchio and the Arabian Nights / Pinocchio's Generations

48. Pinocchio Goes to Toyland / Pinocchio and the Nutcracker

49. Pinocchio With Patty and the Mother's Day

50. Pinocchio in the Rain / Pinocchio's Feeling Day

51. Pinocchio at the Carnival / Pinocchio at the Duck's Lake

52. Pinocchio's Missing Hat / Pinocchio's Coo-Coo Clock

53. Pinocchio's Good Dreams / Pinocchio's Galaxy

54. Pinocchio in the Diamond Rings / Pinocchio and the $100,000

55. Pinocchio's Memorial Day

56. Pinocchio and the Brave Little Tailor / Pinocchio the Great

57. Pinocchio With Pete in the X Marks the Spot / Pinocchio and the Enchanted Places

58. Pinocchio at the Summer Camp Part 1.

59. Pinocchio at the Summer Camp Part 2.

60. Pinocchio's Grandparents Grand / Pinocchio's Spring Vacation