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  • Season 3

61. Pinocchio's Summer Vacation / Pinocchio at the Beach

62. Pinocchio and the Treasure Island / Pinocchio at the England

63. Pinocchio's 4th of July

64. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket and the Resort / Pinocchio in Bayou of New Orleans

65. Pinocchio at the Library / Pinocchio's Diary

66. Pinocchio at the Soccter Racing / Pinocchio and the Play

67. Pinocchio's Scary Tales Camp / Pinocchio's Photo Books

68. Pinocchio at the Farmer / Pinocchio and the Laughing Place

69. Pinocchio at the Hot Air Balloons / Pinocchio With Patty at the Fantasy Castle

70. Pinocchio at the Zoo / Pinocchio at the Circus

71. Pinocchio and Friends Meets Tron / Pinocchio's Meeting Day

72. Pinocchio's Artist Drawing / Pinocchio at the Tennis Court

73. Pinocchio at the Haunted Mansion

74. Pinocchio at the 50's Dancer / Pinocchio's Golf Games

75. Pinocchio's Wonderful Words / Pinocchio's Shape and Sizes

76. Pinocchio's Day Off / Pinocchio's Test Day

77. Pinocchio With Patty and the Magic Tiara / Pinocchio's Map

78. Pinocchio in the Funnies Puppet / Pinocchio's Magical Stars

79. Pinocchio's Collection / Pinocchio and the Dream Boys

80. Pinocchio's Over the World / Pinocchio and the Amazing Twinkle

81. Pinocchio's 123 / Pinocchio's Make Mistake

82. Pinocchio's Detective Puppet / Pinocchio and the Mystery Clues

83. Pinocchio With Pete at the Jungle Adventures / Pinocchio's Fairies

84. Pinocchio's Mail Box / Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket at the Village Ghetto Land

85. Pinocchio at the Galleries World / Pinocchio's Jump Rope

86. Pinocchio's 20th Anniversary / Pinocchio at the Vacation Spot

87. Pinocchio's Travel of the World / Pinocchio in the Small Ladybug

88. Pinocchio's Treasure Box / Pinocchio and the Knight to Remember

89. Pinocchio and the Show on the Road / Pinocchio Save the Day

90. Pinocchio and the Final Wishes