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Ernest Otter
Ernest Otter
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: PB&J Otter
Also known as: Ernest
Occupation: Reggae Music Store Owner
Species: Otter
Age: 40+
Relatives: Peanut (son), Butter (daughter), Jelly (daughter), Opal (wife), Anna (sister-in-law), Redolfo (brother-in-law)
Friends: Munchy, Flick, Pinch, Scootch, Mayor Jeff, Ootsie, Bootsie, Edouard, Georgina, Cap'n, Connie
Voiced by: Chris Phillips

Ernest Otter is the father of Peanut, Jelly, and Butter in the rerunning show, PB&J Otter. He owns a reggae music store.


Ernest is very caring and friendly, and is rarely seen angry when his children get into trouble.


Ernest is a gray-skinned otter. He wears a red tie.