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Escape from Belch Mountain
Season 1, Episode 2B
Escape from Belch Mountain Title Card
Air date February 15, 2011
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"Escape from Belch Mountain" is the first season and the second segment of the second episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the second episode in the series overall.



It's a party time on Never Land, Jake and his crew were going to celebrating musical party at the beach which means the friends were likes Jake was playing guitar. On the Jolly Roger, Both Hook and Smee they heard a noise from Pirate Island which means they're trying to sleep. When Hook using a spyglass, Hook saw Jake was playing a Guitar because they are going to listens to their song. So Both Hook and Smee were sails to Pirate Island before he grabs Jake's Guitar to Never Land at the Belch Mountain. Meanwhile, Jake was going to play another song after he finished the song. When Jake was going to heard another song with Izzy, Cubby and Skully, Jake was going to threw a guitar even higher. However, He was felt strange because he lost his guitar and that means Hook was took Jake's Guitar away from Pirate Island, Which means they won't heard a noise instead of special song. So Jake and his crew were decides to get his guitar back from the Belch Mountain before Jake's Guitar will turns into a toast.


  • Jake and his crew were got six gold doubloons.
  • Slippery Serpent marked the first appearance in this episode.
  • Belch Mountain and Slippery Serpent Forest were marked the first visit in this episode.
  • Mark Drop was written in this episode.