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Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Philips Head Screwdriver
Age: 18
Friends: Manny, Kelly, Flicker (best friend), Pat, Turner, Dusty, Squeeze, Rusty, Stretch, Oso
Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui

A yellow Philips screwdriver, he is considered as the best tool or the important tool, he is enemies with Turner, They often have fights but Manny has to Calm them down. Felipe is very Spanish and mostly translates most of the words that Manny says in Spanish. He is always over confident about himself. He sometimes thinks of himself as a super hero. Sometimes, his ideas make a problem worse. He provides a lot of the Spanish language content in the show, translating for the other tools. He also loves to sing but is not very good at it. He is non-identical-twins with Turner.


Felipe is very bubbly and thinks that he should be a star. Turner doesn't like Felipe but Manny does, Felipe if the Favorite Brother of Flicker because he can speak Spanish to Flicker .Felipe is the tool that can speak Spanish, he can be demanding, and sucked into video games.


Felipe is a yellow screwdriver, he has a green stripe on his handle and a silver spike.