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Funny the Funhouse is a central character in the children's animated series "Mickey Mouse Funhouse." Here are some key details about Funny:

- **Character Description**: Funny the Funhouse is a magical, sentient playhouse with a playful and friendly personality. It serves as the central hub where Mickey and his friends gather to start their adventures.


- **Abilities**: Funny can transform and adapt its interior and exterior to fit the needs of Mickey and his friends, creating various themed environments and play spaces. It can also transport the gang to different worlds and locations, making it a versatile and exciting character in the show.

- **Role in the Show**: Funny often acts as a guide and helper, offering advice and support to Mickey and his friends. It encourages them to use their imagination, creativity, and teamwork to solve problems and have fun.

- **Voice Actor**: Funny is voiced by actor Harvey Guillén, who brings a lively and engaging voice to the character.

Funny The Funhouse

- **Purpose**: Funny the Funhouse is designed to be an engaging and educational element of the show, providing a magical setting that stimulates the imagination of young viewers and teaches important life lessons through playful adventures.