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Handy Manny
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Format: Animated
Created by: Roger Bollen, Marilyn Sadler, Rick Gitelson
Executive Producer: Pam Lehn
Director: Ted Bastien
No. of seasons: 7
No. of episodes: 101
First aired: September 16, 2006
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Handy Manny (play on the word Handyman) The titular character, Manny, owns a repair shop along with his anthropomorphic talking tools.


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They typically begin with Manny and the tools interacting in Manny's repair shop . While there, someone usually needing something repaired or assembled, calls Manny, who answers, "Hola, Handy Manny's repair shop, you break it" and then the tools shout "We fix it". After hearing who needs help where, Manny and the Tools sing "Hop up, Jump in " while the Tools hop into his tool box. In most episodes when Manny and the Tools leave for the repair, they see Mr. Lopart with his pet cat Fluffy in front of his candy&nbsp {C {C}{C {C


Handy Manny - Theme Song (English)

store. Mr Lopart would try to do something on his own without any prior experience. Manny offers him to help but Mr Lopart says that he doesn't need any help, after Manny and the Tools leave the item Mr Lopart was building would malfunction and cause a mess. Once Manny and the tools arrive at the repair site, they collaborate on the best way to fix the broken item. Manny then goes to Kelly's hardware store where she always has the item that they need. Once they have the items needed 'for the repair, they go back to the work-site and sing "We Work Together " while performing the repairs.'


Disney Junior UK - Coming Up Handy Manny (2011)


The theme shows Manny is walking down Main Street. He says 'Hi' to Kelly, who is brushing the floor outside. She says 'Hi' back. Manny carries on walking with tools inside his toolbox. He says 'Hi' to Mr Lopart who is trying to open his door, but breaks his door knob. Manny gets a massive piece of wood and puts it on the table, all of his neighbors and the kids come help him hang it up. He calls then out of their toolbox. Stretch measures the wood, while Dusty saws the wood. Felipe and Rusty paint and makes a big splash. Kelly, Juilieta, Quinn, Mr Lopart and Alejandro help Manny to hang his new sign up. After when that is done, Pat hammers the nail in, Turner and Felipe screw the screws in, and Squeeze turns the bolts.When the work is done, they all cheer and dance outside the store.