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Hide the Hideout!
Season 1, Episode 1A
Hide the Hideout! Title Card
Air date February 14, 2011
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"Hide the Hideout!" is the first season and the first segment of the first episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the first episode in the series overall.



On the first day in Never Land, Jake and his crew were already built up a sandcastle at Pirate Island, Because they made an awesome sand castle. Meanwhile, Skully warned Jake, Izzy, Nibs and Cubby because the Jolly Roger was heading to Pirate Island. Hook spotted Jake and his crew were on a Pirate Island which means Mr. Smee was going to write something before they were going to find. When Jolly Roger was sailing to Pirate Island, Cubby felt scared because Captain Hook is on a way to sea pups, So he decides to hide at sand castle. Jake was going to tell Cubby because they need to went inside the hideout to keep the Captain Hook from finding it.


  • In the series, this is the first episode.
  • On February 14th of 2011, The first episode has been aired.
  • Jake and his crew were got eight gold doubloons.
  • Skully is the first time to collect gold doubloons.
  • Mark Seidenberg was written in this episode.





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