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Ivor Hugglemonster
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Also known as: Littlest Bro
Species: Hugglemonster
Age: under two (in the first season)
Relatives: Henry (older brother), Summer (older sister), Cobby (oldest brother), Daddo (father), Momma (mother), Grando (grandfather), Nan-Oh (grandmother)
Friends: Beckett (monsterdog), Hugo Enormomonster
Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren

Ivor Hugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's baby brother.


Ivor is a innocent, kind and cute monster.

As a baby, Ivor can't talk properly yet and he doesn't like loud noises. 

He's playful and likes to play with his family. He loves being part of Summers productions, and has a costume for all occasions, but his favorite outfit is his yellow and orange striped baby grow

When he's not in his baby sling, he's crawling around or riding on Beckett's back.

Despite not being able to talk and being young, Ivor's facial expresses changes to a frown when theirs something wrong or when one of his relatives gets upset along with the rest.

When Ivor sees something shiny, he plays with it!


Ivor is a little monster who's green and wears a yellow and orange baby grow.


  • Ivor loves his baby sling and can often be found on Daddo's back.
  • Ivor loves bath time.
  • Ivor can't fly (yet).
  • When its time for Ivor to go to sleep, he loves nothing more than a lullaby and his night light. With a few turns on a wheel the roof of the house slowly opens up to reveal the moon and stars.
  • Ivor is the youngest of the four children.


Ivor is named after his great-grandfather Hivore but is not mentioned in the show any Hivore.

Ivor's middle name is Ivory.

Ivor's cousin Dexter is a some distant cousin.

Ivor is in series 1 year old, but in show his age can be variable but a baby or toddler.

In the most of the earlier series Henry Hugglemonster is 8 years old and Ivor is 1, but only in Astrobix Henry has 6 years and Ivor exist. It's possible that Henry Hugglemonster to be near 7 years and Ivor to be layed recently.