124722 IZZY
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Jake and the NeverLand Pirates
Species: Human
Age: 7
Friends: Jake, Skully, Cubby (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), Bucky, Peter Pan, Marina the Mermaid, Pirate Princess, Bucky, John Darling (crush) , Wendy Darling, Michael Darling
Enemies: Captain Hook
Occupation: Pirate
Catchphrase(s): "Yay hey, no way!"
Voiced by: Madison Pettis

Izzy is the only female pirate in the group.


She has a small sack of pixie dust, which was given to her by the fairies (Tinker Bell & her friends). The team only uses the pixie dust for emergencies. Her catchphrase is "Yay, hey, no way."


Izzy is cute and very beautiful and wears a pink shirt, red boots, purple trousers, a pink bandanna and has brown hair with pigtails and brown eyes.


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