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Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn
Season 3, Episode 15B
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 3 Title Card - Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn
Air date July 18, 2014
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"Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn" is the third season and the second segment of the fifteenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Seventy-sixth episode in the series overall.



When Izzy was meeting a young sea-unicorn, She was going to singing on the beach near the water edge during she was making a seashell necklace to Cornica. Then, there is a sunken treasure appears from the sea. A young seahorse with a horn was appears, and then to see Izzy with offer a golden shell because she was going to summon her when ever she may need her, So Izzy was gave her name called Cornica the seashell necklaces as a token of their friendship. Izzy was going to set off and she was going to meet their friends before they need to introduce Cornica to the rest of her crew.

At the Jolly Roger, Hook was spotted a sea-unicorn when he was using a spyglass. Hook was decides to capture Cornica with Sharky and Bones after finding a legendary treasure from the hidden deep beneath the depth of the Never Sea. Once Izzy was returning to the beach with their friends, She was shocked to see Cornica because there was no where in sight after using a golden shell, So Jake was going to ask The Mermaids to find Cornica after the suggestion.

When Izzy was going to find a seashell necklace for Cornica, Izzy warned Hook because the sea-unicorn doesn't belongs it. Because this is a treasure emergency, So Izzy was going to use her pixie dust because she was going to save Hook and his crew to prevent a large golden statue collapses. She will got three more gold doubloons, And thanks to Smee, Sharky and Bones. Izzy was going to get a seashell necklace back from Hook because the sea-unicorn treasure belongs to Cornica. The Sea-Unicorns comrades forcing Hook and his crew to flee them empty handed after Cornica inform Izzy using a golden shell to call them. After Hook and his crew were stop taking from sea-unicorn's treasure and rescuing Cornica, So Cubby will get five more gold doubloons.

At last, Jake and his crew were successfully rescued our new matey, So that they were going to place the gold doubloons to the Team Treasure Chest after returning to the Pirate Island. After all, Hook was sitting atop of the Squidailus, So Sharky was going to cheer Hook up with Sharky and Bones show the captain a unicorn frog after they found it's today treasure. However Hook was not amused this unicorn frog because they wants to returning to the Jolly Roger, So he was going to left a unicorn frog when it hops off and exposing a treasure hidden on the beach.


  • Jake and his crew were got twelve gold doubloons.
  • Cornica and the other Sea-Unicorns marks the first appearance in this episode.
  • Thomas Hart was written in this episode.
  • In the series, Queen Coralie marks the fourth appearance; The Mermaids marks the eleventh appearance; And Stormy the Mermaid marks the twelfth appearance in this episode.



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