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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Jake and the NeverLand Pirates
Also known as: Captain Jake
Species: Human
Age: 7
Friends: Izzy (love interest), Marina the Mermaid, Cubby, Skully (best friend), Peter Pan, Bucky, Pirate Princess, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling
Enemies: Captain Hook
Occupation: Pirate
Catchphrase(s): "Yo ho, way to go!"
First Appearance: Hide the Hideout!
Voiced by: Colin Ford (Ep. 1 - Ep. 86), Cameron Boyce (Ep. 87-present)

Jake (born 2004) is the primary protagonist of the series, the oldest member and leader of the Never Land Pirates. Since The Great Never Sea Conquest, Jake is now the pirate captain.


Jake is a 7 year old pirate, he is the leader of their pirate crew,it's hinted that he has a slight crush on Izzy, Jake can be smart sometimes,but Jake loves to shout! Cubby is Jake's favorite.


Jake wears a red headband he has black hair and wears a white shirt, blue jeans, a blue over coat, and brown boots. When he became captain, he dons a pirate captain's hat and his wooden sword is replaced by a real sword. He also has a blue jacket.



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