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Jake's Awesome Surprise
Season 3, Episode 26A
Air date February 27, 2015
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"Jake's Awesome Surprise" is the third season and the first segment of the twenty-sixth episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Eighty-seventh episode in the series overall.



It's Jake's Birthday on Never Land, Izzy tells Nibs, Cubby, John and Michael to celebrating the Jake's Birthday before they were waiting for Jake and a treasure map. Jake and his crew were ready to sailing to Birthday Beach after waiting. The friends were preparing something or using items to pasting anywhere until the guests were arrived at Birthday Beach.

When Izzy, Nibs, Cubby Nana, Micheal, John and Skully were going to the cave of doom, there is a riddle door. Cubby was tries to open it, however it's locked. So Izzy was knew the riddle that should said "What be all day with be long, But when's night falls it is gone." So that they went to birthday beach and then to ask Jake because they wants to remembered the riddle but they can't guess it.

Back to the Birthday Beach, Skully was going to performing the shadow puppet for Jake. When Izzy was going to ask Jake about the riddle, He was know the answer. So Izzy, Nibs, Micheal, John and Cubby were entered inside the cave again and then to guessed the riddle is "Your Shadow!", and then the treasure chest will rolling away after the door will open. Sharky and Bones were looked a treasure chest because someone was guessed the riddle. When Izzy and Cubby were tries to uncover the treasure, However they fails to uncover. Meanwhile, Jake and his guests were enjoying the game, and decides to getting ready for Cubby and Izzy to pin a flag on the ship. However, Jake was felt strange because Izzy and Cubby still haven't went back to pin the flag. So he decides to looked their footprints, because they were tries to uncover a treasure chest. They were returned to the Pirate Party because they can't reach the treasure chest, When Jake was yelling to Izzy and Cubby, It seems they were returned to the party. Then, He was felt surprised because he looked the Treasure chest that went to Birthday Beach, So that he will waiting with their matey's to see it.

Before celebrating the party, The guests were waiting Jake for a long time because Captain Hook will even anger. Once Jake opens a treasure chest, Peter Pan's Shadow with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell were show up to Jake was going to wish our birthday. After asking for a while, They were began to celebrating on his birthday. Both Sharky and Bones were going to sangs "Happy Birthday Jake!" during the celebration, Jake was got a Pirate Spyglass after the Pirate Pinata opens and the guests were going to enjoy the birthday party with Peter Pan.


  • Jake and his crew were got fifteen gold doubloons.
  • This is the second birthday episode to focus on Jake since "Jake's Birthday Bash!".



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