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Jake's Birthday Bash!
Season 2, Episode 21A
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 2 Title Card - Jake's Birthday Bash!
Air date March 1, 2013
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"Jake‘s Birthday Bash!" is the second season and the first segment of the twenty-first episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Forty-sixth episode in the series overall.



It's a birthday time on Never Land, Jake was going to looking his presents before Izzy, Cubby and Skully were found Jake and they were having their surprise for Jake after he leaving from the hideout. Cubby was ask to Jake because the birthday treasure map is more than treasure map. Meanwhile, Hook using a spyglass to spot Jake and his crew were celebrating birthday party. Mr.Smee was going to Tiki Tree Forest first before he will ask their sea pups because he was going to join with Mates, Captain Hook, Sharky and Bones.

At the Tiki Trees Forest, Jake and his crew were waiting Hook and Smee. Both Sharky and Bones were sings "Happy Birthday" because it's Jake Birthday, So Jake was going to having their birthday fun with Hook and his crew. Pin the Tick-Tock Croc is the first birthday game that means everyone was enjoyed it. Hook was going to play the game first time, He walked to Tick-Tock Croc tail and he will pin it. So Hook was running around with Tiki Tree and he will lifting Hook after the Tick-Tock Croc wokes up. Because Jake saves Captain Hook, so he will get three gold doubloons.

The Second one is bouncing together at Shipwreck Beach, Jake and his crew were bouncing happily. When Sharky and Bones were looked at Jake and his crew were bouncing, So he will ask Hook and Smee were decides to bounce together. However, Cubby got a stuck because they got a big bounce, So Izzy was going to help swing Cubby down and she got three gold doubloons. Mr.Smee was going to warn Hook to bounces it carefully, but hook was bounced to sea from shipwreck and he will getting wet.

The third one is going to breaks Pirate Piñata at Pirate Piñata Patoh, Jake and his crew were going to open birthday treasure chest. Jake was using a baseball bat he tries to open it, but there is no lucky. When Jake was tells Cubby to take turns, Hook was going to open it first, But Cubby tells Hook because he jumped queue, That Means Hook was going to flippin around and let the pirate piñata flies to never sea. Izzy was going to use her pixie dust because this is a birthday emergency, Then she will save the pirate piñata quickly and she got four gold doubloons.

After a while, Jake and Hook crew were arrived at Pirate Island with our birthday guests, Mr. Smee was tells to Hook because he blasted with birthday parties, So that he will going to sings a sad song. When Jake was going to celebrating his birthday party, He was going to celebrating two parties and giving wishes to Captain Hook before they likes the matey were being here after he listens from Izzy. That means they felt surprised with his guests and mates because he was going to celebrating Jake's birthday with Captain Hook, When Jake was going to join Hook to blows his candle, He honored it and got a few tears. When they were counting to three, Hook was going to blows his candle quickly because he was never following the rules.


  • Jake and his crew were got ten gold doubloons.
  • This is the second birthday theme episode since "Happy Hook Day!".



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