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The Forever Sword, better known as Jake's Sword, is a magical weapon owned by Jake in the Disney Junior animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It was created by Peter Pan, carved from the Forever Tree, and given to Jake when the young pirate was given the task to keep Never Land safe from Captain Hook as Peter left to explore the outside world.


Sometime before the events in the series, Peter Pan carved the sword using the wood from the Forever Tree, an old and massive tree that is hidden under Never Land's surface. When Peter decided to explore the world outside of Never Land, he bestowed the sword on to Jake so the young pirate could be a good leader.

Powers and Abilities[]

In spite of being a wooden sword, the Forever Sword's magic allows it to cut through material like an ordinary sword. The episode "The Sword and the Stone" reveals that the power of the sword can only be accessed by the one with the purest of heart, which so happens to be Jake. In the episode "ShiverJack", it is revealed the Forever Sword has the power to withstand the power of ShiverJack's enchanted ice magic.