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Jake and the Never Land Pirates (later known as Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates in the fourth and final season) is an Annie Award-winning musical interactive animated Disney Junior show based on the successful Disney franchise, Peter Pan, that was in turn based on the famous book and play by British author J.M. Barrie. It is the first Disney Junior original show following the switch from Playhouse Disney.

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The show revolves around a group of three children; Jake, Izzy, and Cubby (two boys and a girl) who are pirates in Never Land, looking for treasure. Their main obstacles are Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Disney's Peter Pan franchise. Captain Hook usually sees Jake and his crew doing something fun and steals it from them, and Jake and his crew have to get it back. After they succeed, Jake and his crew count their gold doubloons (which they receive after solving puzzles, or "pirate problems") and put them in their treasure chest known as the "Team Treasure Chest".

The first season of the series followed more "playful" conflicts, such as Captain Jake and the crew getting their basketball back from Captain Hook, or Captain Jake and the crew taking back their stolen skateboard. The second season gave a larger scale to the adventure in the show, now having the characters find a lost city of gold and an ancient pirate pyramid.

Almost every episode contains two eleven-minute animated segments, followed by a live-action song by the Never Land Pirate Band. The singing characters (Sharky and Bones) appear in both animated and live-action forms.


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  • Peter Pan trusts Jake and his crew to watch over Never Land while goes to Beyond the Never Sea and keep their eyes on Captain Hook.
  • The Never Land Fairies gave Izzy her own bag of Pixie Dust.