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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book
Season 3, Episode 21
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Air date October 26, 2014
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"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book" is the third season of the twenty-first episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It is the Eighty-second episode in the series overall.



Captain Hook - Fed up with being portrayed as a bumbling fool in Wendy's Magical Storybook - flies the Jolly Roger to london and snatches the book away. So Peter Pan calls on Jake and his crew to help save the day. But there's no time to lose. Because the longer he has the book. The faster everyone's memories of Pan and Never Land will fade away...forever!


It's a night time in London, Wendy was going to reading a of her and her brother's adventures story book in Never Land with Peter Pan, John, Michael and Nana at Darling house.

Back to London from Never Land, Wendy was going to tell her brothers back to bed. Suddenly, Hook was entered into the Darling's house, So that he decides to taking a story book because Wendy has warned Hook that story book is for Darling's. When Wendy with her brothers were tries to stop Captain Hook, However it fails and Hook was going to escaping from London after he taking a Wendy's Story Book from Darling house and he will hop up into The Jolly Roger. As John and Michael Darling were going tries to figure what to do, Wendy was going to sing a Peter Pan Song so that Peter can alert it because she needs some help.

Speaking to Peter, The Sea Beast was currently busy because he was dealing with threatening to Peter, Marina and Stormy. But the Sea Monster was cannot answer to Tinker Bell because he was busy for Wendy's call, Peter was going to assigns Tinker Bell to contact Jake and his crew so that they can speak to them through it to tell them what to do. After Tinker Bell found Jake and his crew, They were board up with Bucky and they were going to London with the sight of british capital and locate the Darling house during the situation to them with Peter.

Meanwhile, Jake and his crew were arrives to London, Nana was heard a sound from the bell of Bucky. When Wendy was looked up, That means a Pirate Team has entered into the Darling's house, not Peter Pan. So Jake and his crew were going to bring Darling with her brothers to board Bucky from Darling's House. After that, The Jolly Roger begins to speeding up after Jake has warned Hook because the story book was belongs to Wendy's, Which means Bucky was going to following a Captain Hook's Pirate Ship. Another one is Jake has warned Izzy because the pirate ship was going too fast, So Izzy was going to use her pixie dust to Big Ben with Darling and her brothers before they race against with The Jolly Roger. During the pursuit, John was forgot about Never Land, So Jake was going to take Izzy, Wendy and John getting away from Captain Hook's Pirate Ship but Cubby, Nibs, Skully, Tinker Bell, Michael and Nana were stayed. During the pursuit, When Policeman was walking to the dock, Suddenly, the balloon ruptured of Captain Hook's Ship was splashed next to the dock and it makes late-night patrolling policeman was getting wet. The policeman tells Sharky and Bones with their good guys were needs to runs away from The Jolly Roger because Jake and Wendy were a bad guys.

After Bucky has returned to Never Land, But they get lost. So Wendy was going to takes Jake and his crew going to the Peter's Hideout after she found a Hangman's Tree with the tunnel system, So that they can found Hook. The Pirate Team were decides heading to Valley of Fury after Wendy has remembered.

After a while, Jake and his crew with Darling and her brothers were arrived at Valley of Fury. Hook was nearly destroying Wendy's Story Book, However the story book pages were blown away from Wendy's Story Book and it would be scattered across to the Never Land after a sudden geyser of flames causes a gust of wind.

When Hook was returning a page, Another gust of Wind has blows a story book page back to Valley of Fury from our Hook's hand. Cubby warned Izzy because this is a biggest emergencies ever, So Izzy was going to use her pixie dust second time because they were going to save the last story book page. The good guys finally won after all! The Story book pages has been restored with following the original order for the book, his crew's memories, along with the darling's and Hook. The crew receives 15 gold doubloons for saving Wendy’s storybook and the memories of Neverland.

Jake and the gang returned to Pirate island after recovering the Wendy's Story Book Pages. Jake and the whole gang put all 15 gold doubloons into the Team Treasure Chest. At last, They have been returned to London that Wendy was going to read some stories to Jake and his crew, even with Hook and his crew, John, Michael, Nana, Peter and Tinker Bell.


  • Jake and his crew were got fifthteen gold doubloons.



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