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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake's Never Land Rescue
Season 2, Episode 33
Jake and the Never Land Pirates-Never Land Rescue Title Card
Air date September 29, 2013
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"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake's Never Land Rescue" is the second season and the first segment of the thirty-third episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, This is the third episode that runs lastly over 30 minutes. It is the Fifty-eighth episode in the series overall.



When Jake's Sword disappeared, Jake didn’t know what happened to it. Then the Fairies from Fairy Rock told Jake and his crew that the magic of the forever tree is fading away, So is Neverland. The guardian of Neverland is searching for someone to go on The Forever Quest to save Neverland from fading away. Some who needs to have four special swords: The Wing Sword, The Lava Sword, The Phantom Sword and The Ice Sword. Then the forever quester must bring them to the Forever Tree which will reveal a special magical sword: The Destiny Sword. Jake shows the four swords to the Guardian and he let Jake be the forever quester now that Jake has all four swords. The Guardian told Jake to bring the swords to the Forever Tree which will give him the destiny sword to save Neverland. He also gave Jake a medallion and with it all doors will be open to him. Jake asks Nibs to borrow his hook, then asks Izzy to borrow her pixie dust get more at the fountain of forever and asks Cubby to borrow his map to fix it. Then Jake went off.



  • In the series, Peter Pan marks the third appearance; and Tinker Bell marks the first appearance in this special.