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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky
Season 2, Episode 13
Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Jake Saves Bucky Title Card
Air date September 19, 2012
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Tricks, Treats and Treasure!

"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky" is the second season and the first segment of the thirteenth episode in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, this is a special TV set that premiered September 19, 2012 on "Disney Channel" as a Disney Junior Family night movie event. The special - along with the second season episodes - Disney DVD was released on October 16, 2012. It is the Thirty-eighth episode in the series overall.



According to the Never Land Pirate Code, Jake and his crew must race Bucky against the Jolly Roger and the sneaky Captain Hook. If the Bucky loses, He'll belongs to Hook forever! Of Course, Hook uses every trick in the book and wins the race. But Jake and his crew might have a way to get Bucky back. With the aid of Peter Pan, The young pirates embark on an adventure across Never Land that includes getting past a Fire-Breathing Dragon! With your help, Jake and his crew can save Bucky from the devious Captain Hook.


Jake decides to race Hook so he can keep his boat buddy Bucky! And vows to never give him up to him! Saying never! In a angry way He does everything that he can to help him win telling him go Bucky go go go! Thanks to him cheering him on and telling him to go he listens and goes really fast getting past Hook! Jake cheers happy for him the first time after he gets past Hook saying Yay! Bucky you got past Hook for the first time You did it! Now we’re in the lead! He is then happy and rejoices about him being friends with him singing to him saying he’s his best buddy Bucky! Singing you’re my best buddy Bucky! When Jake sings to him he doesn’t talk. And hugs him showing that he really loves him as his buddy Soon Jake wants to beat Hook for the second and third time with Bucky telling him to go to Skull Rock and Eagle Island! Jake for the second time cheers Bucky on again and says Bucky! Full speed ahead to Skull Rock go go go! Bucky listens to him again and goes very fast this time and beats Hook to Skull Rock! For the second time getting past him again Jake is happy and cheers again for him saying You did it again Bucky you got past Hook for the second time yay hey! He hears Hook tell him that he can still beat him to Eagle Island Jake tells Bucky Bucky! Come on let’s get to Eagle Island before Hook does! We want to get there before he does don’t we? Bucky rings his bell happy and Jake for the third time cheers him on saying go right and left that way he doesn’t bump into anything that’s blocking him on the path being careful and doesn’t bump into things moving left and right thanks to Jake he gets to Eagle Island before Hook did! And got the winning flag which means Jake gets to keep him! Saying yay hey I got the winning flag and I get to keep you Bucky! But Hook tells him not so fast Jake! Don’t you know about the last part of the rules? Jake says the last part? Hook says aye! It says that if you and your crew fail to get the Golden bell from Bell Island before dawn then he wins Bucky! Jake Cubby and Izzy are surprised at this and frowns Jake says what! You didn’t say that before! But he doesn’t know what to do! Suddenly Peter Pan shows up and Izzy uses her pixie dust with her pixie dust and Peter’s help Jake and Cubby are sure to get the Golden bell! Jake smiles at him and says We’ll rescue you Bucky don’t worry! We’ll save you! Peter and Jake fly through the sky distracting the dragon and Izzy and Cubby have free time to get to the Golden bell being inside Jake surprises Hook saying we have the Golden bell and we’re here to free Bucky! He says Wha? You woke me up from my sleep! And he says wha? But a band of puny pirates like you could never! Jake says ha ha never say never! He is happy and says we’re back together now Bucky! We rescued you from Hook! He is happy and rings his bell Jake says and we’re not losing you again! Let’s set sail to pirate island he rings his bell happy and Jake thanks everyone for helping him saying thanks for helping us everyone we couldn’t have rescued Bucky without you! And the four of them are happy that they’re friends with each other again


  • Jake and his crew were got twelve gold doubloons.